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Reading fairy tales


I am aware that I enjoy reading fairy tales. Additionally, I am aware of my decision to live my life according to rumor and fantasy. Knowing this, I choose to rely on my beliefs rather than my knowledge for safety and comfort. My decision is irrational, but it is my decision to have hope in the absurd and faith in the unfounded. I can pick this perspective for myself, but it is inexcusable for me to try to convince others into my counter-intuitive and nonsensical convictions.

Despite what the so-called “know it all’s” tells you, the composition of the universe—or heavens, if you prefer—is a vast unknown, just as vast as the universe itself. Similarly, the existence of a sustaining force or forces is a complete mystery. In the beginning, someone or a group of people created the heavens and the earth in their imaginations and told stories that were passed down from generation to generation that brought their imaginations to life.

Those who had learned how to gain influence and power through erroneous assumptions and unfounded beliefs began to view the natural filters of questioning and common sense as unsuitable for most people. Although I am aware that six days is not sufficient time for the formation and maturation of this dimension’s intricate fabrics, I nonetheless choose to believe in six days.

I choose to believe that I am a descendant of fictitious people, even though I know that one woman and one man and three women and three men would have a difficult time populating an entire planet in a few centuries. I put faith ahead of knowledge, and I shut out all the evidence that is in front of me for the way I want things to be. The planet has been conquered by the barbarians of the north, and all its foundations are crumbling at the seams.

I make the decision to allow fictitious fairy tales to shape my traditions and customs and to maintain my mental stagnation, which is contrary to healthy and productive mental development. I accept everything that I have been told without examining its legitimacy. I trust pictures put before me even though I realize that those pictures are a misleading portrayal of the real world. I do these things to save energy because thinking takes a lot more energy than thoughtlessness and fact finding.

Like me, millions of people consider the myths and legends contained in a book to be authoritative and to be a guide to morality, a happy afterlife, and a mysterious paradise. It gives me a sense of superiority and comfort to know that none of the billions of people who have passed away feel compelled to tell anyone who is still alive that a blissful afterlife really exists. Those who choose to believe a story can be convinced even if it is disjointed and poorly told. Miracles are attributed to plots that do not conform to observable facts.


The warmth of the equatorial seeds knows that what is considered as the supernatural by the icy north winds is completely normal. Sadly, inherent capacities are being supplanted by programming and contraptions that can never arrive at the powers and possibilities of steadily extending cognizance. Faith is a substitute for facts, and I believe is a synonym for things I do not know. To comprehend themselves and the world around them someone long ago made assumptions, misinterpreted dreams and visions, and passed their delusions on to their children, which led to the development of religions and superstitions.

Different tribes are determined to persuade others with their justifications for believing in make-believe because they are aware of the certain knowledge of imminent death. This makes a wide range of fantasies plausible and possible. Coherent logic will never reach the point where dirt and water are in equilibrium. Water and dirt are both fluids that are simple to manipulate.

I can say these things because I have faith in mental corruption and the capacity for self-deception as I am plagued with it and encounter it in others every day. The wages of not thinking are foolishness and many plow straight into it without questioning. I choose not to be one of the thoughtless and to creatively interact with my brain cells always having an open mind for learning.

I put away fairy tales because of life slapping me over the head with its sobering facts. I can now venture into the dark without fear of that sudden bump. I can now see people and things around me without superimposing my biases onto them. I am an infant in my understanding, but I am willing to grow. I am free to think for myself.

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When will tomorrow come.


When will tomorrow come, as today has come, and today has gone with my life passing away into the dim memories of no more than yesterday. I dream of things that will never be, hoping that they are the structure of my design for the betterment of those who deserve it. But the confused are getting even more confused and the mystified are baffled by complex thinking and the correct assessment of truths and order.

It is too late for me as I have squandered my entitlements on privileges that the universe endowed to me during its composition and formation eons long ago. Who will pity the idiotic for being ridiculous, and who will have sympathy for futile behavior? The wish is upon supernovas in distant galaxies that may or may not impact the nonsensical and bring peace to the pointless.

In a place referred to as here, and in a moment insinuated as being now, my foot hurts as I walk, and I walk as my foot aches. The unrelenting ravages of concepts called life span, seasons, and occasion has demolished the symmetry and the beauty of my face leaving me not wanting to look at myself in a mirror and to isolate myself from the presence of shapely female hips and thighs. The glass is broken in the mirror and there is no one to repair it.

My mind is troubled by the nonsense and the foolishness of those who ascribe absurdity and thoughtlessness as being a virtue of the enlightened and prudent. The few remaining teeth that I have are on edge when I see the children of the heavens behaving like the offsprings of the rabbit who now dictates the standards of the weak minded and those who forfeit commonsense for acceptance. The mule refuses to pull the plow and the horse will not allow a unicorn to ride it.

Does something that has been cancelled matter? The log burning in the fire has a tree that has lost it and a blade of grass that has been stepped on has an inbuilt mechanism to spring back up. What does it matter that dirt and worms are the ultimate crowns of life? The sea washes to shore as a wave and flows back to its place as an undercurrent. When it is all said and done the root will outlast the vine and winter will last only until spring.


A whisper in the dark is the duration of existence for an organism. People will laugh and people will cry, and all will die. All people will die, and people will cry, and people will laugh during the instant of time that is in flight. But who cares if the cob is an integral part of the web that is old and covered with dust? Placed on the dinner plate is a rude awakening and those who think that they are knowledgeable will lavishly gorge themselves upon it. The destiny of this is the outcome of that and not a single person will escape the consequences of their decision making.

Who told her that she could talk to me and be a delicious environment of my dreams? I did! One of my deepest fears is to die in the house and rot. To inflict anyone with the inconvenience of my decomposing smell. A fear of deterioration without my body disposed of properly is an anxiety that falls upon me as I contemplate falling asleep. Oh well; put your mask on anyone. I excel at being my more astute adversary, my thinking is my most persuasive nemesis, I limp into an undertaking that easily fall apart, I dream of things that can never be, I died the moment the universe was formed only to be born to die in a physical anatomy.

But all is well in the fathomless depths of the nonexistent that is not and is at the same instant in mind. Milk me away on any given day or night my darling and plunge me into paradise. Embrace me tenderly with your love and seed rejoicing into my troubled mind and fragile heart. Say all the wonderful things that lift me up and make me feel strong. Receive me as I blissfully receive you and all will be well in the space and the dimension that we create.

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No more talk about antisemitism and the holocaust


Note: This may be a sensitive topic to some.

The behavior of the Ashkenazi has extinguished any more talk about antisemitism and the holocaust (their persistent go to) by their continuing behavior in what they call a war but is really a prison insurrection by caged dehumanize people.

Given the history of the Ashkenazi in Europe you would think that they would be the last people to inflict such cruelty and murder on any other group of people and treat the Hebrew believers from Ethiopia in such a demeaning and disgraceful manner as they do.

Calling people animals and calling for their complete extermination is a confession from their own mouths as to what type of people they are. More so, despite all the available evidence to the contrary they persist with the lie that they lived in that land two and three thousand years ago. We all know that they are Turks, Slavs, and Germanic people of European origins so they should stop lying about their identity and admit it.

The Ashkenaz control Europe and the United States of America and the Arab nations surrounding them are afraid of them so there is no harm in them admitting what everyone already know. There is no DNA or any other genetic marker for a Semite, a Hamite, or Japheth.

The only place on the planet Earth which such people exist are in the pages of the Torah, the Bible, the Quran and in the minds of people who choose to call themselves a Semite, a Hamite, or Japheth and in creationist religious literature that claim that they found such DNA markers in the Y- chromosome to fit their superstitious unfounded beliefs.

Christian Zionist created this Ashkenaz Zionist, racist, prison state in the north-east corner of Africa (Canaan) in 1948 of the common eras in its ongoing campaign of human decapitation under the rule of a make-believe Christian deity.

The Ashkenaz has the right to live but not at the expense of someone else and you can feel the hatred of their leaders towards virtually everyone whom they call goyim when they speak. “I demolish your homes and I steal your land and hate you as if I am the offended party” is the attitude displayed by the Ashkenaz.

A similar Turkic type people that now occupy Kemet (The land of the black soil) which the Greek and Roman invaders called Egypt are much too busy chipping away at the monuments and bleaching the artwork that the ancient ones (who cannot defend themselves) left behind, to come to the aid of the brutalize people that the Ashkenaz are vaporizing with bombs and butchering with starvation.

No more talk about antisemitism and the holocaust by the Ashkenaz who have shown themselves to be as brutal and inhumane as other European colonist that devastated the indigenous peoples of North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The time of the gentiles are reaching its end, and the first-born of the cosmos are being restored to their stature despite all the sellouts among them who are hindering this globular shift back to its initial state.

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The epitome of poor planning


The current administration sent out the invitation “Come one, come all” without a structure in place to accommodate the people they invited into the country. This is the epitome of poor planning on their part. I would not invite someone into my household and tell them to sleep under the stars in my backyard when they arrive. It would be extremely inadequate planning and even cruelty on my part for me to do this. It would also make me look very insensitive and idiotic in the eyes of everyone who saw me do this.

It is prudent for an individual or government to appreciate the possible consequences of its actions and to have their house in order before trying to address the concerns of someone else’s house. For those living in my household, don’t be upset with the people that I have invited into my house because of their expectations and the inconvenience that they are causing. But let your anger and frustration fall on me for not being properly prepared to accommodate them before I invited them to my home.

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Destroyed City

Boom, thump, thud. From a year away you know who it is, and even from more than ten years away you know who’s coming because that is how outdated the thump, thud, bomb is. As idiotic as the cream of the Sun wearing a blonde wig is and a drop-pants walking around with his butt hanging out. How low must self-respect and self-esteem plummet before they overflow into maturity and reason?

What are the first-born children of the universe waiting for? They have already received an enslavement saga urging them to be true to themselves. The ancient ones are looking down desperately trying to find a similitude of their nature and all they see is their offspring surrendering themselves to petty thieves.

The manual of elementary thinking is still on their dressers and tables with the same old instructions of how to have faith and hope in an imaginary phantom. The phantom that many in an earlier time had come to know with a gun pointed at the back of their head, or else.

Elders are still teaching this do or death persuasion onto their children causing them to bow down to the made-up nonsense of their oppressors. Books raped, plundered, and distorted from their original meaning by thugs, vandals, and identity thieves to control the soft minded and those who refuse to use their brains to think.

Bomb, bam, bang, driving down the street disturbing the peace and showing everyone how juvenile a person can be. When will the punch-drunk cast aside senselessness and become true to being born in the person of the mighty ones of old that is instilled within the codes of their DNA. Everything the wild encounters is corrupted, polluted, and destroyed. Nothing is sacred to them. But that is not the way of the first born who have rediscovered the essence of their ancient nature.


Just below the horizon at the crest of the hill, well within walking distance and arms reach is the legitimacy and majesty of the heavens that the still born have attempted to disguise in the likeness of a false image.

To be clever the mutants have dim-witted themselves and have come to believe the lie they so highly esteem which is placing their entire existence in jeopardy. The wages of ill-will is oblivion and the pride of the mind is a rabbit in flight. True to form the structure has purpose just as the rocks beneath the sands will reveal hidden cultures to those who do their own research.

Thump, boom, pound, these driving bastions of days mercifully gone by are determined to maintain their cathedral of ignorance and mind manipulation even in the face of conscious elevation that is producing a more positive, delicious, and eatable fruit of universal awareness. Old expressions have taken on new faces and the meaning of everything is becoming vague.

As bleak as it appears all is not frost as the ancient ones always enliven a remnant of themselves in every generation. The bunch will be herded into clusters and identified for massacre by their shriveled hair and dehydrated skin, but the remnant will rule the universe as it is designed to be.

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