Choosing To Continue To Live In A Fairy tale In The Face Of Reality

Choosing To Continue. I attended my Sister’s funeral on February 15, 2020. The most annoying aspect of the funeral service was the preacher’s lip offs about God and Jesus with my sister’s lifeless body laying before them as definitive evidence that the things that they were saying about God and Jesus are pure, petrified nonsense.

With reality hard before their faces, the speakers willfully chose to ignore it and advocate fairy tales that I am sure we all have heard, so I will not bother to mention them. Hearing the tales of this land of make-believe at that time was troubling, nonetheless, I endured it with the knowledge that these are the lies that they were taught from childhood and did not know any better.

My other sister was sitting beside me and as this garbage of a nonexistent God and Jesus relentlessly continued to pile gibberish on top of rubbish I leaned over and quietly asked her to please not put me through this. My sister nodded her head in confirmation of my request, which I hope that she meant.

Choosing to live in a fantasy robs a person of commonsense. Believing something without trying to find out if it is true or not is a form of stupidity. Living your life based on some form of imaginary reward at death is like being dead before you physically die. Reality says that I have not the slightest clue of what death is because life is my only experience. This unknown generates fear and anxiety. This fear and anxiety of the unknown generate the need and desire to fly away into a mythical hope and faith.

I died at the instant of my conception. In that instant, my mind became my tomb. My body became my grave. My hell and heaven are within me. So, what do fabricated entities have to do with me? Why is someone whom I love tormented with someone else’s brain-drift when she is unable to speak for herself?

And so, it goes that the fairy story carries more weight in some people’s mind than truth, realism, and simply thinking for themselves. With that, I will try to close my eyes in sleep, and if this sleep places me into another realm of existence then, so it is.