Creating Your World

Creating your world is not a bad thing if you keep in mind that your world is only a personal fantasy. Neanderthals have reality so messed up that you need to envision a place of your own to keep your sanity.

Many people find solace in the hope of being caught up into thin air. They look forward to the joy of the day and the nanosecond that this world will end. There are even those in power who are earnestly working towards the realization of their hope.

Every minute someone somewhere is caught up into a different realm of existence as they transition into a state called death. This transition is to a place that no one honestly wants to go because it is an unknown. Yet, the conversion is necessary as death is yours, and death is mine in time.

A biosphere that is Neanderthal free is an imaginary world of purity and fabulous wonders. It is a domain that is rich in the knowledge of itself and inner peace. It is an ecosphere where plants are eatable. Water is drinkable. The air is breathable, and every animal can live their life without the fear of being eaten.

A world of your creation is best when you are not in it. You are there, but you are someone else. You are the main character, and you are different. You exist out of yourself, and at the same time, in yourself, but free of yourself.

Clean and uncontaminated is this imaginary world of yours. You feel as light as the fresh air that you are breathing. You feel as strong as everything that your unhindered mind can absorb. There is no one to look up too, and there is no one to look down on. This world is your creation, and it is all yours.

In your fantasy world, there is no need for hope, faith, and belief. You do not have to offer prayers to a shadowy apparition. The writing in books of obscure origins is not what gives you the awareness and the discernment of what is wrong and what is right.

No one can infringe upon this orb of your creation. Your imaginary world is a pleasant time away from yourself. These are your moments of sanity that you keep in mind is only make-believe as you relax and enjoy them.