I Will Take Another Chance with Romance

For you I will take another chance with romance and this time bright and sunny awaits me. I am captivated by your presence that renders me void of analytical thinking and makes me a servant to basic instincts. You have reduced my past failed attempt at romance and dearly beloved to only vague memories unquestioningly lost by the curvaceous expanse of your breasts and your attractive, well proportioned, seductive figure.

melanated 7 - I Will Take Another Chance with Romance

My judgement says yes in my appealing to you for understanding and simplicity in the rudimental invocations of kiss and hug where your likeminded assistance is warmheartedly appreciated. I willingly place my emotions on display for your approval and embracing in the most rewarding and affectionate ways. This I do because I believe that some things really do come true.

I see the instant of a falling star as being cosmic proof that my desire to cheerfully enter and entertain myself between your rhapsodic pillars of darkness is well founded and will be most edifying. I am encouraged by nothing less than your nearness to the heavens and a whisper not in the dark but soundly engaging my heart. By accident I have encountered the choice fruit on the tree, what are the odds of that happening?

I reveal myself to you from the wealth of my total being with all honesty and noble intent. I appeal my case before the sparkle of your eye. I ask you to listen to me with a mind that comprehends and hears. I am more than willing to place all my past romantic experiences into the wine press of forgotten all about and begin afresh with an acquiescent mind and an enthusiastic heart.

Another chance at romance I take to escape the confinements of incompleteness. I can only hope that I am opening the window to an amorous companionship and passionate intimacy. But more than hope for this I am astute to work for a meteoric rise in our comradeship above and beyond that which is accepted as being the true and the just. I sincerely expect that my endeavors of touch and feel that I have regarding you will be reciprocated with all the more and everything in between gargantuan zeal on your part towards me.


Let the panties fall as they please as a wonderful cognitive awareness has surrounded my habitat and covered it completely with your tenderness of spirit. I leap like a frog into your embracing arms and swim like a fish in the currents of your hot cavity of universal bliss. My longing for friendship is ripped from me by the sweetness of your smile. My happiness is fulfilled with the nod of your head that tells me yes to my proposal for our togetherness. In the back of my head the unfulfilled romantic past is brain dead with authentic love eager to take its place.

And so, I take another chance at romance knowing that if I tenderly caress and kiss both of your warm artful thighs that the gift of magnificence will joyously applaud me. The goal is for cosmic completeness and uniformity with every array of particle physics.

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