Softly Coming

I hear it softly coming my way.

Calling my name and beckoning me to take my place in the grave.

Night and day the call of endless night whispers into my ears.

With a humming in my head and a beating in my ears that will not disappear.

So many that I knew have faded away into the timeless abode of eternity.

Cold in the morning and hot in the day in a field where only wayward birds sing.

Resides the solitude of turned up grass and a placid landscape where my future awaits me.

A future long overdue to take my breath away and put an end to my loneliness.

Quietly coming my way is a time where no tears should be shed.

And not a moment of sorrow for what used to be.

The constant buzzing in my head keeps me from falling asleep.

The sound of my heart beating in my ears makes me conscious of how fragile the next half a second is.

Falling away into the realm of the never should have been born.

A short journey into the unknown where the lonely is even more alone.

And the last day has made itself well known to the not so dearly discarded.

Is a moment in time that one cannot escape.

Yet a moment in time which changes everything for that one.

A fire in the oven replaces a hole in the ground.

A ceremony of no one is the number of the crowd.

Justice comes for no return on investment.

And the sheer depths of nothing else has made full pay of a life that did not benefit itself nor anyone else.

This is a joyful message of new beginnings where hopeless and despair are forever put away.

A message that the broken hearted long to hear.

A message where the sleeping and awakened into a deeper sleep.