Looking Up

Looking up is not hard to do unless you insist upon looking down on yourself and your people. Your outlook on life is under your control.

If you allow others to sway your attitude about yourself and your people, then you are in the firm grips of their stupidity.

Learn to listen to your inner self and not to what a foreign entity is showing and telling you about yourself. Your people are the ones who will come to your defense when the enemy that you adore shows their true nature and turns against you.

The grotesquely obese white pig is making a mockery of you. Is your self-esteem that faint that you should go to the bottom, of the lowest, of the bottommost to feel that you have reached the top.

You pride yourself on arriving at a pinnacle that is only a barren illusion created by a genetic coding error that occurred about six thousand years or so ago.

Looking up is as easy as raising your elevation of thinking. A fake desire to reduce everything and everyone to its level of reality, and you, who should know better, become an accomplice in your mental devastation by believing the ridiculous.

A ghost has no power to do anything for you. What happens in your life is because you make it happen, either good or bad.

Those in whom you look to confirm you are not worthy of such consideration of them by you. You are the first and will someday once again be the only.

Those that have come out of you are quickly reaching the end of their life cycle. Untangle yourself from them and manage your affairs again.

By looking up at yourself and your people, you will find yourself in a place where you should be.