Socially Engineered Sleepwalkers

Social Engineers have done an excellent job of creating generations of sleepwalkers. They have strategically convinced people to surrender their identities, think and behave in the social engineer’s definition of correctness, and live their lives like automated drones without thinking.

Social engineering stratagems came onto its own with the creation of religions. The technique of social manipulation gradually expanded to embrace every aspect of daily life when the concepts of religion proved how easy it is to get people to give up their heads and believe in non-sense.

Today a person must speak and write only that which is socially proper according to the protocols that social engineers have devised for their sleepwalkers. Without realizing it, social orchestrators are themselves the artifacts of their obscene manufacture. They erroneously believe that they are above and control the mindless horde of their making.

Some go to school and get degrees in social engineering. These graduates take pride in the degrees produced by a culture that instinctively categorizes everything and everyone by a top-down step latter devised by its so-called higher-ups.

Ice peoples braking out of their ice cage and spreading over the planet like a deadly virus is the worst thing to happen to the Earth and its peoples. Without any evidence of their existence beyond six thousand years, the peoples of the ice must distort the histories and the thinking of everyone to fit in.

Public schools, churches, television, and radio are the most efficient production line methods that social engineers employ for generating submissive, gullible idiots, unwittingly starting with themselves, then stepping down to the rest of us.

Permitting yourself to be told what to say and how to say it, what to think and how to think it, you are willfully committing an act of severe treachery against yourself and the rest of society that could benefit from your subjective input.

Who told you that an inexplicable they have more insight than you? A degree can flush like any other piece of paper, and in most cases, only signify that the degree-holder has moved to the head for the class in arrogance and stupidly.

The First-born should know better, but we are the most proficient at wholeheartedly accepting any and every ridiculous concept fed to us. We have foolishly allowed newcomers to do our thinking for us and set the standards in which we are to live.

The time has come for the First-born to begin using what we instinctively know once again, and no longer consent to social engineered absurdities. The loss is living within ourselves and is earnestly pleading with each of us to find and make constructive, creative, and productive use of it.

Living in someone’s house and being yourself is difficult. But with vision, cooperation, sincerity, and courage, it can be done. It is expedient that the last become the first again for the sake of our children.

The Earth is beseeching its First-born to come back to their senses and be the women, the men, the children that the cosmos designed us to be.

Is being a socially engineered sleepwalker how you will live, passing this on to your children, or living your life as a thinking person? Look into yourself and liberate yourself from external foolishness.

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herberth4 Retired
Retired computer tech. Bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems, Jones College, Jacksonville, Florida