Misused Talents

I have watched various videos authored by so-called Black men concerning Judah, Israel, Hebrew Israelites, and so forth. I am impressed by the focus and intelligence of these young men but am sadden that they use their brain power on a fairytale and not on engineering, mathematics, and building corporations, which will be far more beneficial for themselves and their people.

I encourage these young men to use their talents to invent nature friendly devices, build financial institutions and corporations that have the benefit of their people as a top priority, and reclaim this planet in the names of their ancient mothers and fathers before the present rulers of this world destroy it, which is what they intend to do because they know that their time is short.

Religion has and is suffocating inventive minds into a cloud of foolishness that leads to no place. Combine your mental and physical resources and build a world in your name young men. Ask for nothing, but take, but in the right way, not causing harm to anyone, bringing the planet Earth back into symmetry with the universe and its natural and supernatural laws.