No more talk about antisemitism and the holocaust

Note: The holocaust may be a sensitive topic to some.

The holocaust. The behavior of the Ashkenazi has extinguished any more talk about antisemitism and the holocaust (their persistent go to) by their continuing behavior in what they call a war but is really a prison insurrection by caged dehumanize people.

Given the history of the Ashkenazi in Europe you would think that they would be the last people to inflict such cruelty and murder on any other group of people and treat the Hebrew believers from Ethiopia in such a demeaning and disgraceful manner as they do.

Calling people animals and calling for their complete extermination is a confession from their own mouths as to what type of people they are. More so, despite all the available evidence to the contrary they persist with the lie that they lived in that land two and three thousand years ago. We all know that they are Turks, Slavs, and Germanic people of European origins so they should stop lying about their identity and admit it.

The Ashkenaz control Europe and the United States of America and the Arab nations surrounding them are afraid of them so there is no harm in them admitting what everyone already know. There is no DNA or any other genetic marker for a Semite, a Hamite, or Japheth.

The only place on the planet Earth which such people exist are in the pages of the Torah, the Bible, the Quran and in the minds of people who choose to call themselves a Semite, a Hamite, or Japheth and in creationist religious literature that claim that they found such DNA markers in the Y- chromosome to fit their superstitious unfounded beliefs.

Christian Zionist created this Ashkenaz Zionist, racist, prison state in the north-east corner of Africa (Canaan) in 1948 of the common eras in its ongoing campaign of human decapitation under the rule of a make-believe Christian deity.

The Ashkenaz has the right to live but not at the expense of someone else and you can feel the hatred of their leaders towards virtually everyone whom they call goyim when they speak. “I demolish your homes and I steal your land and hate you as if I am the offended party” is the attitude displayed by the Ashkenaz.

A similar Turkic type people that now occupy Kemet (The land of the black soil) which the Greek and Roman invaders called Egypt are much too busy chipping away at the monuments and bleaching the artwork that the ancient ones (who cannot defend themselves) left behind, to come to the aid of the brutalize people that the Ashkenaz are vaporizing with bombs and butchering with starvation.

No more talk about antisemitism and the holocaust by the Ashkenaz who have shown themselves to be as brutal and inhumane as other European colonist that devastated the indigenous peoples of North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The time of the gentiles are reaching its end, and the first-born of the cosmos are being restored to their stature despite all the sellouts among them who are hindering this globular shift back to its initial state.