The epitome of poor planning


The current administration sent out the invitation “Come one, come all” without a structure in place to accommodate the people they invited into the country. This is the epitome of poor planning on their part. I would not invite someone into my household and tell them to sleep under the stars in my backyard when they arrive. It would be extremely inadequate planning and even cruelty on my part for me to do this. It would also make me look very insensitive and idiotic in the eyes of everyone who saw me do this.

It is prudent for an individual or government to appreciate the possible consequences of its actions and to have their house in order before trying to address the concerns of someone else’s house. For those living in my household, don’t be upset with the people that I have invited into my house because of their expectations and the inconvenience that they are causing. But let your anger and frustration fall on me for not being properly prepared to accommodate them before I invited them to my home.