Scenic beauty cascading before my eyes

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Scenic beauty cascading before my eyes.

All is in harmony in my life.

Some would call it my imagination.

Others would call it dreaming.

But I call it the resilience in your eyes and the buoyancy of your smile.

Exquisiteness in splendor of all loveliness.

If I am dreaming, let no one awaken me.

If it is only my imagination, I long for its reality.

Music and dance surround me.

Surrounding me with elegance, grace, and refinement.

All is in harmony in my life.


The cheerful melody of your voice radiates me with optimistic expectations.

The optimistic expectations that my feelings are mutual.

Realizing the material factual without hope.

Attaining the tangible that is far more than authentic.

Reaching beyond myself into all-knowing and comprehending.

Loving you and loving you only.

The acquainted with is only a breath away.

The familiar with is realizing the scenic beauty cascading before my eyes.

Which is you.

Regardless of what anyone may think or say.

Despite the consequences of self-delusion.

Your presence is nevertheless the better part of me.

Despite the background and the foreground that present themselves.

I do and will continue to adore and love you.

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