I Simply

I simply wanted to take a look at you and when I saw you something happened to me.

My reasoning became like dust particles easily blown by the wind and my judgement became like a fish that had forgotten how to swim.

The loveliness of your face and figure caused me to lose my equilibrium. I felt as light as a snow crystal.

All I wanted to do was to see what you looked like without the thought of hearing your voice.

And then you spoke, and the sound of your voice was so relaxing and wonderful. I could not believe my ears. I could only imagine that my sense of hearing was in a daze.

I took a breath and blinked my eyes. I wondered if I was daydreaming. And if I were daydreaming, I certainly did not want to be disturbed.

Something happened to me when I saw you that only crystal lights and star brights can explain. Particle matter flickered like light from a lit candle.

Without warning I crashed headlong into the sweetest person I have ever seen or heard.

I strained to keep my composure because I felt like singing and dancing.

I am telling you this because I cannot keep it to myself.

I want you to know that romance is alive and doing well even under the assault of pronouns.

When I saw you, I saw the personage of dreams formed and the imagination fulfilled.

A thanksgiving party erupted in my head with you being the appetizer and main course on every plate.

I simply wanted to see what you looked like and something extraordinary took place when I saw you.

Something that has never happened to me before.

A solid definition cannot explain or express the sensations I felt when I saw you.

And she said.

Nothing that spectacular happened to me when I first saw you.

I thought that you were charming and nice to look at, but I had no lack of factual reality to hamper my cognition.

I appreciate what you are telling me, and I will use it as a foundation for our growing relationships, but my mind is clear and open to all possibilities.

When I first saw you, I was not moved, I stayed in place, not even by the sparkling I could see in your eyes as you looked at me.

I was touched but I know that the front face can be a disguise for the back face and appearance can be upstaged by desire.

You talk as if you have seen a pearl and a gem, which you have and you have not because I have my flaws and faults.

If anything happened to you when you first saw me, it was you that caused it. I am the fruit you longed to bite into, you tell yourself.

I am the softness and warmth pressed against you in your imaginary love story.

Your first impressions of me are correct, but don’t let your Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) sway your unconscious map of the world.

It is clear by the things that you are saying to me that you are allowing NLP to run rampant in influencing your thoughts and behavior concerning me.

You are triggering, or anchoring a sensory experience into an emotional state and that sensory experience is your first sight of me.

Your preferred representational system (PRS) seems to be visual with a touch of auditory and proprioceptive in the mix.

I am by no means dismissing your sensory experiences, I only want you to have a sensible and practical perception of me.

And he said.

The sound of your voice and your choice of words have inspired me into a higher plain of consciousness, so let’s you and I say no more and go to bed.

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