Beneath a Balboa tree


Eons ago the splendor of Nut fell upon a young man as he sat beneath a balboa tree during the middle of the day. The radiance of her perfect pitch-black resplendency caused the heart of this young man to feel as though it was melting away within the darkness of Nut’s delicate loveliness. Being placed within an altered state of consciousness as she began to speak to him the resonance of her voice contained all the wisdom of the known and the unknown in all their majesties of frequencies and colors.

Lifting the young man into her arms and pressing his mouth to one of her breasts the young man is suckled by Nut with the knowledge that she has acquired over the ages. Knowledge that she has assimilated before there was a before and knowledge that she knows is to come within the expanse of the ongoing.

Eternally bright from epoch to epoch, forever unfolding in luminosity, Nut gives her acquired wisdom to this young man whom she has adopted unto herself. Immortal to mortal, immeasurable frequencies and colors given to most beloved water and dirt, Nut spares none of her acquired wisdom to the young man as she breastfeeds him with that which she has created and with that which she has learned.

As a covering over him Nut is the young man’s protector and sustainer, his giver of life and his reincarnation to existence after life. As it were a babe sitting beneath a balboa tree during the middle of the day the young man’s growing astuteness towards realities far beyond himself are judicious and prudent under the weight of maturity that the milk of Nut’s quintessence is likewise installing into him.

A kernel of truth is not the truth and a tidbit of this is not the whole of that. Fashioned for her pleasure the young man is now Nut’s treasure giving light to those who want light and a dense darkness to those who do not want to partake of her intense dark beauty. Truly, this young man has come of age as ages have come to him by the wisdom that is being given to him by the covering of Nut.

So, what am I to say as one of the lost and found? Am I to ignore the wisdom that Nut as given to the young man and wallow within the distortions of the distorters as most of the peoples of the world so dim-wittingly do? Glow with the glowing of Nut’s eyes and shine with the brightness of Nut’s smile for she is your covering and your truth that will guide and protect you from yourself and from those who want to harm you.

Free your mind of the ideologies and philosophies of those who are not of Nut, those who have made the planet earth an unhealthy place to live and who ultimately want to destroy it and all its creatures and distort the story of life (history) to magnify themselves.

Beneath a Balboa tree sat a young man whose name is my name, whose name is your name. While sitting beneath this Balboa tree during the middle of the day the luminosity of Nut embraced this young man elevating his manner of thinking, enlightening him to this but not that, and raising him from the bottom to the uttermost highest which is his native state of existence.

So it is that intelligence is fixed within the braids of Nut’s hair and enlightenment is her abode and all whom are her own who want to devour her whole is free to do so for Nut is the shroud of elegance and layers of infoldings. And it is so.

Misused Talents

I have watched various videos authored by so-called Black men concerning Judah, Israel, Hebrew Israelites, and so forth. I am impressed by the focus and intelligence of these young men but am sadden that they use their brain power on a fairytale and not on engineering, mathematics, and building corporations, which will be far more beneficial for themselves and their people.

I encourage these young men to use their talents to invent nature friendly devices, build financial institutions and corporations that have the benefit of their people as a top priority, and reclaim this planet in the names of their ancient mothers and fathers before the present rulers of this world destroy it, which is what they intend to do because they know that their time is short.

Religion has and is suffocating inventive minds into a cloud of foolishness that leads to no place. Combine your mental and physical resources and build a world in your name young men. Ask for nothing, but take, but in the right way, not causing harm to anyone, bringing the planet Earth back into symmetry with the universe and its natural and supernatural laws.

Hear me esteem one

Hear me esteem one

Hear me and deliver the fond ones from the self-imposed clutches of a demented mind

Deliver their heads so that they may liberate themselves from themselves

The fond ones are floundering in paleness

Allowing themselves to become entangled within the mutation’s tentacles

Riding every whim of the absurd

Fascinated by the propaganda of the imposter

Scrabbling to be everything but themselves

The pretenders have created an illusion

The real has been camouflaged by their deceptions

The mirage has become a facet of everyday life

Nurse the heads of the fond ones so that they may mend themselves

Restore to health those who covet death

Heed my prayer esteem one and do this for your children

Curse those who look upon themselves

Reveal the obscenity as a profanity

Scourge the pallor with a deserved faintness

Instability in oneself has damaged the fond ones exceedingly

The entire cosmos is now clumsy and awkward

Mindsets away from its original form

Because of the fond one’s lust for the reprehensible

And are so willing to immerse themselves within pale idiocy

Listen to me esteem one

Pay attention to my prayer

And rescue your children from themselves

Rescuing The Cognitively Inanimate

There is no way by which anyone can rescue the cognitively inanimate, this is a concerted endeavor that the individual must take for themselves. A person is responsible for the functionality of their own thinking. If a person chooses to be influenced by every whim of the society in which they live, then that person must be willing to accept the consequences of their decision.

Role models come and go so it is important to choose the appropriate role model that you want to emulate, keeping in mind that everyone have their share of flaws consisting of both a public and private face. We have all heard this before, but what are we doing with it to better our life, as knowledge is useless if not used.

The cognitively inanimate are self- destroyers, vandals that ravage their neighborhoods and society, desecrate their humanity, inhabit the lowest levels of thinking, and proud of it. The cognitively inanimate populate all levels of society. They are elected government officials, news media foghorns, social media addicts, preachers behind the pulpit, and the list goes on.

The best role models are people who look like you, having a shared societal experience. Do not try to emulate and look like someone that you are not. Be proud of who and what you are and live. The past is as dead as the cognitively inanimate thinking, yet the past is a vital tool if you use the past to learn from it. Forgive those who are deserving of forgiveness. Stop pleading the victim which only downgrades your thinking of yourself and other people.

The cognitively inanimate can only be rehabilitated from within their own cerebrum one brain cell at a time and this the cognitively inanimate must do for themselves. The young men of the planet, of the cosmos, must stop hurting and killing one another, protect their woman and children, be builders not demolishers, elevate their thinking abilities and thrive.

Today is the day to create your story, your history. You, young men of the cosmos, have the greatness of the past embedded within your genes. Your ancestors have a universe of knowledge and wisdom that they want to give you when you show them that you are worthy of having it. Pull up your pants, hold up your head and conquer in their memory and name.