Soft Canvas – Her Questioning

Soft Canvas cannot stay away from me as I cannot stay away from her. The Stars dictated our union long before the Earth formed so how can either Soft Canvas or I oppose a decision that eternity has reached. Soft Canvas places her reasoning powers to use to produce excuses that seem rational on the face of it for our not being together. But her excuses find no harbor to park her skeptical vessel.

Soft Canvas toys with being undecided about the type of relationship that she and I should form. She knows that my decision concerning our well-being is solid and secure. When we are absent from one another for a length of time Soft Canvas feels as if she is wandering alone in a dense forest mauled by her need to be close to me.

I know that Soft Canvas is waging a losing battle against the resolution of the Stars concerning her and I, so I am patient with her knowing that her indecisiveness is shallow a has no depth. I will not press Soft Canvas nor accuse her of allowing her tentativeness to be a hindrance towards our romantic glory, because I know that her hesitancy is hanging by a string that will fall apart when I place that right kiss onto her lips.

I hold Soft Canvas warmly and securely in my arms and the resolve of the Stars is justified in both of our minds. Soft Canvas blinks as if her mind awakens from a willingness to delude herself. I smile because I know that her heart is fully awake and is gently shaking her earnestly urging her to wake up. I will not shake Soft Canvas to wake her up and I will not tell Soft Canvas that she is being difficult. Soft Canvas struggle is not with me but is within herself that she can only resolve to her satisfaction.

Long ago, even long before there existed an element of time the nursery of all that is to be, forged two shining points within the singularity, giving them names and bonding their energies together to form a like-minded destiny. Long ago when darkness exploded with sparkling lights and an array of hues and colors the orderly system of evolving entities forged a match in the heavenlies that indecisiveness cannot break. Soft Canvas knows all this. None of this is a mystery to her. Soft Canvas knew it the moment she met me.

Soft Canvas opens her mouth to explain, and her words fall on attentive and understanding ears. I can appreciate her not wanting to be hasty. I was once told that patience is a virtue. Think before you act is another good old school quote. But I am not wrestling with convention. I am not evaluating the pros and cons. I just want to get inside of her best wishes and lubricate her hitherto unbeknownst. This may seem single-minded and selfish, but I am sure that my sentiments of Soft Canvas are reciprocated by her sentiments of me.

How can our sentiments not be the same because before there was any such thing as an eon our converging lights reached their focal point and fused together as two distinctly different yet interwoven energies. Long before Soft Canvas and I became carbon-based Earth inhabitant entities the seeds of doubt were dispelled and our knowledge of one another grew splendidly. Who is Soft Canvas to question utopia and place her desires above the desires of never-never land?

Even as we transition from one base element to another Soft Canvas and I are holding hands, and even when we reach the ultimate state of being our bond will not waver. Soft Canvas’s mind may flicker and flutter in our present state of being, but she understands the most complex equations of particle physics and the product of those equations invariably leads to her holding and kissing me.