Reading fairy tales


I am aware that I enjoy reading fairy tales. Additionally, I am aware of my decision to live my life according to rumor and fantasy. Knowing this, I choose to rely on my beliefs rather than my knowledge for safety and comfort. My decision is irrational, but it is my decision to have hope in the absurd and faith in the unfounded. I can pick this perspective for myself, but it is inexcusable for me to try to convince others into my counter-intuitive and nonsensical convictions.

Despite what the so-called “know it all’s” tells you, the composition of the universe—or heavens, if you prefer—is a vast unknown, just as vast as the universe itself. Similarly, the existence of a sustaining force or forces is a complete mystery. In the beginning, someone or a group of people created the heavens and the earth in their imaginations and told stories that were passed down from generation to generation that brought their imaginations to life.

Those who had learned how to gain influence and power through erroneous assumptions and unfounded beliefs began to view the natural filters of questioning and common sense as unsuitable for most people. Although I am aware that six days is not sufficient time for the formation and maturation of this dimension’s intricate fabrics, I nonetheless choose to believe in six days.

I choose to believe that I am a descendant of fictitious people, even though I know that one woman and one man and three women and three men would have a difficult time populating an entire planet in a few centuries. I put faith ahead of knowledge, and I shut out all the evidence that is in front of me for the way I want things to be. The planet has been conquered by the barbarians of the north, and all its foundations are crumbling at the seams.

I make the decision to allow fictitious fairy tales to shape my traditions and customs and to maintain my mental stagnation, which is contrary to healthy and productive mental development. I accept everything that I have been told without examining its legitimacy. I trust pictures put before me even though I realize that those pictures are a misleading portrayal of the real world. I do these things to save energy because thinking takes a lot more energy than thoughtlessness and fact finding.

Like me, millions of people consider the myths and legends contained in a book to be authoritative and to be a guide to morality, a happy afterlife, and a mysterious paradise. It gives me a sense of superiority and comfort to know that none of the billions of people who have passed away feel compelled to tell anyone who is still alive that a blissful afterlife really exists. Those who choose to believe a story can be convinced even if it is disjointed and poorly told. Miracles are attributed to plots that do not conform to observable facts.


The warmth of the equatorial seeds knows that what is considered as the supernatural by the icy north winds is completely normal. Sadly, inherent capacities are being supplanted by programming and contraptions that can never arrive at the powers and possibilities of steadily extending cognizance. Faith is a substitute for facts, and I believe is a synonym for things I do not know. To comprehend themselves and the world around them someone long ago made assumptions, misinterpreted dreams and visions, and passed their delusions on to their children, which led to the development of religions and superstitions.

Different tribes are determined to persuade others with their justifications for believing in make-believe because they are aware of the certain knowledge of imminent death. This makes a wide range of fantasies plausible and possible. Coherent logic will never reach the point where dirt and water are in equilibrium. Water and dirt are both fluids that are simple to manipulate.

I can say these things because I have faith in mental corruption and the capacity for self-deception as I am plagued with it and encounter it in others every day. The wages of not thinking are foolishness and many plow straight into it without questioning. I choose not to be one of the thoughtless and to creatively interact with my brain cells always having an open mind for learning.

I put away fairy tales because of life slapping me over the head with its sobering facts. I can now venture into the dark without fear of that sudden bump. I can now see people and things around me without superimposing my biases onto them. I am an infant in my understanding, but I am willing to grow. I am free to think for myself.

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