The Good News

The Camel ate the Lion and the Squirrel attacked the Bear. Everything is turned inside out. A lie is taught as being the truth and the truth is dismissed as being uninformed.

Homosexuality is ascribed as being natural and the systematic extermination of a culture and a people is called foreign policy and a war against terrorism.

Everyone is looking for and predicting the end of this world. They see signs where there is nothing to be found. They shoot off their mouths non-stop to be noticed and heard. They pillage the purses of the gullible by professing to have some type of unique knowledge that gives them special insights about times, conditions, and seasons.

A passenger airliner is not an airplane it is a demonic spirit disguised in the form of an airplane. The United States Moon landing was a movie staged in a remote region of the west.

The United States somehow convinced the entire world to take part in this grand cover-up, even it is then enemy and rival to conquer space, the former Soviet Union. The Anunnaki genetically created modern humans out of black monkeys from South Africa.

The people of the world are purposefully kept in a state of distress by the conduct of their national leaders so that they can be quietly herded into the new order. The meek are kicked by goats and the strong are gored by bulls.

Medications are not designed to cure but to create perpetual paying addicts. The genetic scientist is rushing to develop a race-based weapon to target specific groups that are of an inferior sort and therefore not worthy of life.

New diseases are created so that new medications can be manufactured for profit. Ex-slaves are placed in positions of authority to bring down governmental systems. A Dinopithecus skeleton is given praise and a good sum of loot for bouncing or running with a ball and cannot read or write nor use proper grammar.

The log is rolling uphill, and a fire is burning without flames. Many people look for the end of the world to come on a certain date and then they step from a curb, get hit by an eighteen-wheeler, and die the next day. The savage will inherit the Earth and the meek will be eaten by a herd of duck-billed platypuses on a rampage.

The woman is lovely, and she touches the man. The man is attractive, and he touches the woman. The mentally distorted work to desecrate this natural order. They take the pure and tarnish and degrade it. They root in the ground like hogs and pull up tainted worms. They scream for their civil rights to infect humanity with incurable diseases. And they are the only voices that are heard because they shout the loudest.

The planet Earth is out of balance because of the thinking and the activities of human beings. The collective mortal spirit is contaminating the spirit of the planet Earth. The planet Earth has grown very tired of its human residents and is about to perform one of its mass extinctions events on humans.

As seen from earlier mass extinction events the planet Earth has no pity when it starts its housekeeping operations. So, unless there is some type of intervention by a force greater than the Earth all human life will be liquidated from the planet at that time.

Someone knocked on the door and everyone answered it. The Earth is not round but is flat with a hollow center and if you reached inside there is a small prize inside.

The snail reached the finish line ten seconds before the rabbit. The pig has a big plate of barbecue human ribs. The day is night and the nights are days. Technology is making people dumber, not smarter, and lazier not stronger.

The land is laid waste. The towns and cities are demolished. The people are scattered and confused. History repeats itself repeatedly. Fragments of a lost civilization are found beneath layers of soil. A U is discovered. Then an A. And finally, an S is lifted before the debris.

The discoverer names this lost civilization the USA culture. There is much debate as to who these USA people were and the extent of their culture. The consensus is that the USA people were a very localized culture that had extraordinarily little contact with other cultures.

A bird flies with one wing and a fish uses air pockets in the water to swim. The end of the world comes to thousands every minute of every day in one way or another.

Everyone on the planet is conducting some form of cover-up and conspiracy to safeguard their read end from unauthorized probing. Interstellar travelers are much too advanced to trouble themselves with self-proclaimed intelligent unintelligent life forms.

The worms do not distinguish between the rich and the famous and the impoverished and the unknown. The planet Earth is no respecter of person and will eradicate all without regard to any person. Misery will have deprivation for company and suffering will plead for a quick end to privation.

The rope will strangle the knot and the limb will fall from the tree. In what can be compared to as a single day the mass will be utterly devoured and the depleted will roast chestnuts on the fire. Those who roast will be munched up by the nuts and the chest will expel a bitter burp for an unsavory lunch. And the good news is, So What!

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