The Searcher

The searcher combs the darkness in search of a congenial companion who will address his physical and emotional needs. His search for this ideal companion takes him into a realm of conscious awareness that is as consuming as the darkness that he feels.

Time is a perception that is relevant to the perceiver having a fluid point of reference obtaining a tangible sort of stability for the fleeting.

In the darkness the searcher conceives a time of emotional fulfillment as being the answer to his feelings of incompleteness. He makes time an ally of his search by forging them into a singular purpose. The purpose being a corporate alignment with the essence of understanding, appreciation, and harmony.

In the darkness there are no shadows that the searcher must contend with in his quest for unity. The darkness is its own light of comprehension revealing the ultimate nature of his desires and being.

In the darkness the searcher is controlled by instincts that persuade him to be discerning and cautious and his ally of time tells him that the periodical interval in which he moves is called Now.

The mind of the searcher is extended like probing hands seeking to touch substance in the form of an amiable companion who will reciprocate in his desire to be whole.

The deadest beast is the beast that fancies itself to be civilized. This form of beast excuses every act of atrocity and barbarism with its self-delusion of being the pinnacle of a higher culture. This form of beast falls apart under the investigative gaze of itself by itself that exposes it for what it is.

Alerted by a knock at the door the true to form lights a candle. The light transmitted by the candle cannot penetrate the darkness. The darkness has authority over the light and over matter. The cedar tree grows strong and brave only to be consumed by a camper’s unattended fire.

The searcher finds no rest from his quest in the light. Just as a pencil will not take notes without someone guiding it, the vision of the searcher is obscured by the light that diminishes his powers of mental discernment leaving him pray to only the visual.

The cloak is fashioned to fit only one particular and that one is the one whom the searcher is diligently looking for to fill the voids of his life. Not known by face or by name, the knowledge is nonetheless there even in the absence of a dimension in time called Their Actual Meeting.

In the darkness the garments are spotless, and the enticement of a fashion trend is meaningless. The searcher is will aware of these properties of darkness and is more than willing to accept them as being some of the consequence obscurity.

Somewhere within the darkness there resides a perfect companion for the searcher who is seamless and flawless, having an unadulterated understanding of the cosmos and the nature of reality.

Therefore, the pursuit of the searcher is not in vain as if groping and rummaging in the light that exposes blemishes and skin tags. The wages of a kiss are dry chapped lips that can only be repaired by another kiss surrounded by moisture.

In the darkness a congenial companion is also searching for that certain one who will complete her. Two points of attraction with hands outstretched longing to touch and be touched by a sought-after romance that will fill the darkness with sprinkles of light which the uninformed call galaxies and stars.